Nomura talks Final Fantasy VII Remake in Dengeki PlayStation

A translated interview with Tetsuya Nomura from Dengeki PlayStation magazine has shown up on the interwebs via Nova Crystallis.

He briefly mentions the Final Fantasy VII Remake.  He does go out of his way to mention that the 20th anniversary is coming up in 2017.  Could this be a hint as to when we can expect part one of the remake?!?  Hmmmm….

He also talks about the battle system.  Sounds like Square-Enix is trying to play both sides of the fence here.  They are saying it is going to be action based, but they want to make sure the hardcore fans know that they haven’t forgotten about the traditional battle system.

Look, the FFVII Remake could be a steaming pile of dog shit and I would still buy it.  You don’t need to convince me, Nomura.  Just get to work and release part one for the 20th anniversary please! Oh, and feel free to release some other cool 20th anniversary shit so I can blow my paycheck.


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