Let’s Play Final Fantasy VII!


I am not really into the whole ‘Let’s Play’ thing, but I was bored at work, and wanted some FFVII-related background noise.  I found this LP posted by BlackLightAttack on YouTube.  Here is the link to Episode #1.

There are a few things I liked about it.  First off, the guy is a fan.  You can tell that right from the jump.  He might have played this game as much as I have.  Second, he actually talks about the game/story a lot.  He mentions in a later episode that his hardcore fans might be turned off by him talking so much.  If you’re passionate about something, then you should talk about it.  His passion definitely shows, and I like to hear what other people think of the game.  Lastly, he is from Philly.  Same hometown as me, so of course I have to post this!



It was good, and definitely got me through a week of work.  If you like what you hear, then you can follow him on Twitter and Twitch using the links above.


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