The Game Looks Like Shit…

Kidding.  The game looks fine.  Seriously, it does.  I see it all the time in forums, articles, etc.   “The game looks like balls.”  That’s an opinion I don’t agree with, at all.  Do the character models look blocky?  Yea, it’s ‘Popeye’ with the small little wrists and the gigantic square hands.  Guess what though?  THE GAME WAS RELEASED IN 1997!  I mean, honestly…why would someone trash a nealry-20 year old game over graphics. Let’s look at some games that came out after FFVII:

I am not going to google image search a ton of games because I have a job.  These are two games I played a lot of when I was younger, Tenchu and Syphon Filter.  Look at that.  I mean, LOOK AT IT.  They look awful.  Do you remember seeing anything in Final Fantasy VII that looked as bad other than the character models?  I can only speak for me, but I would much rather the models look a little shitty rather than the backgrounds for the entire game.  Let’s take a look at some of those hand drawn pre-rendered backgrounds from FFVII:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Is there any comparison?  Some of these backgrounds still look good enough that I could tell you they are from a five year old game, and if you didn’t know any better then you might believe me.  I think that the backgrounds in VII look better than VIII.  I know the character models in VIII looked way better, but there is something about the color palette that they used that just wasn’t appealing.  Sometimes people like to hate just for the sake of hating.  Let’s face it, it’s cool to hate on FFVII for some people.  They want to act like it blows because other people love it.  If you don’t want to play the game because the characters look a little blocky then, by all means, go for it.  Missing a great game experience because of some less than stellar character models is just stupid.  Yes, that’s right.  I just called you stupid.


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