Sometime Less is More


If you have learned anything from reading my few blog posts, it’s that I love this game.  Love it.  That being said, sometimes less is more.  “Fran, how can less be more?!?!  Less sounds like LESS to me!”  Well, you’re wrong.  When it comes to this game, I am one of the fans who feel like when the original game ended, then that should have been it.  Since the release of the game in 1997 there have been a slew of subsequent movies, games, and short videos released referred to as the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.

I thought the ending of FFVII was perfect.  I know some people hated the ending, but I thought it was great.  Holy came, stopped Meteor, and life went on.  Life went on a little longer for Red XIII, but our heroes retired to a normal life after saving the planet.  I never felt the need to find out what happened to Cloud, Tifa, and the rest.  I wanted to play the game again and again, but I honestly never cared about what happened to the gang after they defeated Sephiroth.  Maybe Cid developed a drinking problem and was arrested for domestic abuse.  Who knows?  I sure didn’t care.

When I first heard about Advent Children, I was pumped.  Super pumped.  Then it happened, and suddenly Cloud was this emo whiny bitch that he NEVER was during FFVII.  All the characters could somehow fly around, and the battles were just horrendous.  Don’t even get me started on the three amigos Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo.  I watched that movie twice, and while I enjoy it to some degree, I never needed the movie to happen.

Same with Crisis Core, and Dirge of Cerberus.  I have to say, I did find some enjoyment in CC, but I think you need to have some serious mental issues to like DoC.  I’m kidding, I don’t want to insult people who liked that game…but seriously you might have something wrong with you.  As I said, I did like CC…but I didn’t need it.  I know it opened some discrepancies in the plot, and I think that is my biggest issue with it.  For instance, Sephiroth knew Shinra was creating super-soldiers in CC, yet he never wondered if he was created that way until he lost his mind in Nibelheim during the events of FFVII?  Ok, sure.

I know when there is a huge hit game, movie, or TV show there is this pressure to make a sequel or put out another season.  LOST is my favorite  TV show of all time.  However, it is a six season show that should have been four seasons.  You can get rid of a lot of junk in that show, streamline it, and it would have been a better experience.  That’s what happens though.  Writers comes up with a pitch, they have an idea of what the show should be, they know a basic framework of how it begins and ends, and then the show ends up doing really well and the network keeps ordering season after season until the product is so diluted that you forget why you liked the show in the first place (see Dexter).  Things are changing now with limited series, like The Night Of.  Even a show like The Leftovers is only going to be three seasons, and that’s not because the network cancelled it, but it is because the writers feel like that is the correct story arch for the show.

I feel like the same thing should have happened with FFVII.  I know it is incredibly popular and people wanted more of it, but I think they should have just left it as is.  It is just my opinion, but I think they diluted the product a little bit with some of these other games and movies in the series.

What do you think?  Are you fine with the compilation?  Did you want more, or do you wish it just ended with the original game?  Let me know in the comments or head to the forums!



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