Is Cloud Really an Emo Bitch?

No.  There, blog done.  Seriously though, Cloud gets a bad wrap for being some emo/angst filled guy.  For some unknown reason, the people who decided that Advent Children was a good idea also decided that Cloud would become some whiny bitch.  Cloud was never a whiny bitch in FFVII.  It is a popular opinion that people who have never played the game or hate the game have.

Was Cloud stand offish during the events of FFVII?  Sure.  Initially, he didn’t give a shit about the planet or what happened to it.  He made that clear from the jump.  Remember when he told Wedge that he gave absolutely no shits what their names where?  It’s because he honestly could not have cared less.  He wanted the money, that was it.  The only reason he went to go save Aerith from the Shinra Building was because he felt like he owed her  for saving him and saving Marlene.  If it wasn’t for that, Cloud would probably rather be in the bar at Kalm slingin’ them back.


If Jenova didn’t escape from the Shina Building with the help of Sephiroth (*wink*) then FFVII would have ended right after saving Aerith.  You did it, game over.  Congrats.  Now wait a year until FFVIII.  Sephiroth gave Cloud a purpose in life.  Cloud felt compelled to chase him down because of their past, or at least his interpretation of their past.  To me, for most of the game he seemed driven to settle his score.  Obviously, after the Temple of the Ancients he loses his mind just a bit.  The Jenova cells in him make him weak, not emo.

After Tifa helps Cloud find himself at Mideel, Cloud becomes much more of a fun character.  He is even more driven than he was before, and there is once scene that really shows you he changed.  When Yuffie is sick on the Highwind, Cloud tries to comfort her.  He makes a joke and does some of the squats he learned from the Beautiful Bro back in the Wall Market.  It’s a stupid scene, and easily miss-able but it shows that Cloud has a heart and cares about the most uninteresting character in the world, Yuffie.  Seriously, Yuffie blows.  Anyway,  this is one of the first things we see from Cloud after he comes back from Mideel.  Since Cloud was confused for almost the entire game, this could be our first glance at his real personality.  I tend to think the real Cloud is a silly, fun guy.  The issue is that, and this is a topic for another post, is that the game just runs out of steam at the end.  There really isn’t much that happens after you get Cloud back from Mideel.  You get some Huge Materia, do some side quests, optionally defeat the weapons and go through the final dungeon.  There really isn’t much characterization at the end.

That means that you are probably left with the impression that Cloud is kind of a uncaring loner, which I don’t think is the case.  They really play this up in Advent Children, which is unfortunate.  That’s where a lot of people point when trying to argue the point that Cloud is emo.  I don’t know why they made that movie.  I understand they were trying to make a buck and do something the fans would want, but they really flubbed it.

Anyway, I think Cloud is one of the strongest characters in the Final Fantasy universe.  I mean, how can people hate on Cloud when Squall is such a face-palming whiner?

Love Cloud?  Hate him?  Hate me?  Let me know in the comments, the forum, or an e-mail!


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