Remake: Disc 1 Locations


Ahhh, the remake.  I won’t get into how I feel about it one way or the other right now, that’s for a future post.  What I do want to get into is what locations I am looking forward to the most in the remake from Disc 1 of the original game.  As we know, Disc 1 takes us from Midgar to the Forgotten City.  So, what am I excited about?  Again, this is locations only, just so you don’t think I am leaving stuff out.

  1. The city of Midgar itself.  From the Sector 7 slums to the Wall Market to the Shinra Building.  I really cannot wait to see how they recreate this.  In the original game the slums look so…slummy.  I am interested in how they paint that picture of despair with the updated visuals.  As for the Shinra Building, that was the climax of the early part of the game.  The technological juggernaut that ruled this dilapidated city.  I want to see how they re-create the building, and all the different floors.slums
  2. Kalm.  The most underrated town in the entire game, in my opinion.  It’s a shame that this town is nothing more than a pit stop on your journey.  After Disc 1, there is no reason to come back here unless you are defeating the weapons and trading the rewards for items from the Kalm Traveler.kalm
  3. You might expect me to say Junon here, but I hate Junon.  I am going to skip past Junon, the little cruise across the ocean and go right to the Corel mountains.  This is my favorite “outside dungeon” in the entire game.  I love the railway, and all the enemies that you fight along the way.  I don’t care about the actually town really though.  God, I cannot wait to see this in HD…corel.png
  4. Gold saucer, right?  Wrong.  I like the Gold Saucer and I think it will look amazing in HD, but I am just not looking forward to it.  I am going right to my favorite location in the game, Cosmo Canyon.  The buildings, the music, the ambiance….amazing.  This is probably the location in the game I am looking forward to seeing redone the most. cosom
  5. Nibelheim.  Maybe my second favorite town in the game.  It’s really a toss up between Kalm and Nibelheim.  I love the old school feel to the town.  The architecture is beautiful, and the Shinra mansion is iconic.  Don’t forget about the mountains and the reactor either, they are equally awesome.Nibelheim-Town-ffvii.png
  6. While there are some good choices after this, like Wutai, Rocket Town and the Temple of the Ancients, I am going with the Forgotten City.  We all know what happens here.  One of the most iconic scenes in video game history.  That is reason enough for this to make the list, but what about the city itself?  It is extremely unique, and I can’t wait to see those little huts in HD.forgotten-city

So what are you looking forward to? As usual, let me know in the comments, e-mail, or discussion boards.


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