I am not dead, I swear…..


Hello, everyone?  Anyone?  I have been away for a bit of time.  Holidays, school, meh.  Sometimes life gets in the way, so I want to say I am sorry for being gone for over a month.  In that time I was able to put about 60 hours into Final Fantasy XV.  I beat that yesterday, and boy was it a disappointment. I thought I would love the story, and hate the gameplay.  Unfortunately, it ended up being the complete opposite.  I really loved the gameplay, the hunts, the characters, the relationship between the main party, but the story bored the absolute hell out of me.  It didn’t pick up until about Chapter 8, and by that point it felt rushed.  A lot of character’s motives were left to your imagination.  Anyway, I don’t have that distraction anymore, so I can get back to this.  If you haven’t played FFXV yet, I would recommend it.  It still was a good way to spend those 60 hours.

I hope I still have some people who will stick with me, if not….go fuck yourselves.


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