Remakes: Part Two

Time to flip the coin on this discussion, what is the Square game that I hope they leave alone forever?  Unlike part one of this conversation, this is an easy choice for me: Chrono Trigger.


Chrono Trigger was released in 1995 for the SNES.  The game was re-released on the PlayStation in 2001, the DS in 2008, and on mobile in 2011.  It is widely considered to be one of the greatest games ever made, and is usually at the top of the list when it comes to RPG greatness.  This is easily one of my favorite games.  I know this blog is all about Final Fantasy VII and my love for it, but Chrono Trigger is a better game.  There I said it, let the hate mail flow.

The DS version of the game is a clear step above all other versions.  The game runs quicker, has a jazzed up translation, and a few extra side-quests.  There is really no other way to experience Chrono Trigger.  If you have never played it, and want to give it a shot, then spend the money on the DS and play it the right way.  You would assume that I would want a game that I hold in such high regard to be remade.  It did come out in 1995, so wouldn’t I want a graphics update?  Maybe some story update?  No.  I want none of those things.  You know why?  Because, honestly, Chrono Trigger might be the perfect RPG just the way it is.

The story is short, precise, and interesting.  On my last play through on the DS, I was able to complete all the side-quests, get all the best weapons/armor for each character, and level everyone up to a point where the final boss wasn’t a complete terror in less than 21 hours.  If I had decided to skip some stuff, I probably could have done it in 15-17 hours.   The story is complex, yet incredibility simple.  You would think a game that explores time travel might get in it’s own way, or contradict itself at times.  It doesn’t.  When the credits rolled for the first time, I wasn’t left confused.  I wasn’t asking questions about the plot.  I totally understood everything that happened, and was left completely satisfied.  Square did end up making another game in the series, Chrono Cross, which is very loosely affiliated with Trigger, and I really did not care.  Cross, on it’s own is a good game, but also completely not necessary.

As for the graphics, they hold up.  The hand drawn backgrounds still look great today, and the 2D sprites are still visually appealing.  There was a group of fans who tried to remake the game in 3D, which of course Square squashed with a cease and desist letter.  The project was called Chrono Resurrection, and videos can still be found on YouTube.  It looked nice, but some of the character designs looked wacky in 3D.  Chrono has some really funky hair, same goes with Magus, and there is a fucking talking frog in the game.  Some things just can’t be done in 3D, in my opinion.  Talking 2D sprite frog?  Cool.  Funny.  In 3D?  Probably not so much.

The music might be the best in the genre.  Maybe even the best in video game history.  It is that good.  Combat is spectacular as well.  The enemies appear on screen, so you can walk around them if you want.  There are very few mandatory regular enemies in the game.  The battle system is quick, moves smoothly, and the techs are a really great mechanic that hasn’t been replicated since.  Who can argue with the choice of villain?  A planet sucking hedgehog.  Pretty much the epitome of awesomeness.  I really cannot find a thing wrong with this game.  No matter how hard I look, or how much I try to nitpick, I just cannot find the flaw.

I really hope they just leave this game alone.  The DS version is great.  If they want to make some more money, port that shit to the PlayStation Store.  I would buy it immediately.

What are your thoughts?  What game do you hope gets left alone?  Am I wrong about Chrono Trigger?  Would you want a remake?


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