The Remake


Well, its February and we haven’t gotten any real news on the FFVII Remake in some time.  No new game trailers, no new information, no screenshots, zip, ziltch, nada.  Since news broke last year that Tetsuya Nomura is going to be at MAGIC 2017, I have kind of assumed that this is the next time we will get any information on the game.  MAGIC is scheduled for February 18th, but I am starting to doubt now if we are going to get anything.  I know the rumors are that production on Kingdom Hearts III is what is holding up the remake, and personally I am starting to believe these rumors.  The fact is that Square has the story, the engine, the characters, the locations, everything that they need to make a game.  Maybe this is my naivety as a game developer coming through, but I really do not think it should take very long to put out Episode 1 of the FFVII Remake.

The FFVII Remake was officially announced in December of 2015.  A little over a year ago now at this point, but I have seen interviews since that has said the game was in development “for some time” already prior to the announcement.  To me, this means at least six months to a year prior to the official announcement the game was in development.  It begs the question, what the hell is taking so long?

I haven’t really written anything about how I feel about the remake in general.  My opinion, my fears, my hopes.  Initially the announcement made me super excited, but then I saw the gameplay and was bummed out.  Now that I have played FFXV, I don’t feel the same way.  The fact is, the game that I love and adore will always be available to me.  I can boot up my downloaded copy on PS4, or I can break out my PS1 and play the original discs.  Nothing can take away what the original game is to me.  However, I do feel that Square is going to fuck this up in some way.  The biggest hint to me that this is happening is the timeline.  The game has been in development for two years now, let’s just say for argument.  Square wants to release it in episodes, right?  So why don’t we have the first release yet?  I get that maybe they want to have Episode 1 done, and maybe Episode 2 90% done, so that players won’t have to wait long between episodes, but something seems up to me.  Nobody needs to write a story, or design towns and characters.  This makes me think they are obsessing over making it perfect, which is bad, or they are trying to change some things up story-wise, also bad.

Like I said, the good thing is that the original will always be there for me to play.  I don’t think a bad remake will ruin how I feel about the game, but I could be wrong.  It could be a complete train-wreck and I could burn all the FFVII stuff I own.  Who knows?




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