Aerith Gainsborough

aerith_gainsboroughAerith, or Aeris as it was translated in the original game, is considered by many to be the female lead of FFVII.  She is a 22 year old flower girl working in the slums of Midgar, who bumps into Cloud by chance within the first hour of game.  She is drawn to Cloud because he reminds her of her first boyfriend, Zack.  Aerith is the last remaining survivor of the Ancients, which is a race of people who are deeply spiritual in nature, and can “hear” the planet speak to them.  In fact, when Aerith’s adoptive mother’s husband passes away in a battle overseas, Aerith hears about it first from the planet days before the actual death notice arrives.  It is for this reason that Shinra wants to get their hands on Aerith, to experiment on her and see what they can learn about the Ancients.  As the story progresses, and we learn about Sephiroth’s true intentions, we discover that the planet’s only hope is for Aerith to pray to what she considers a useless old materia, Holy.  Believing that she needs to face Sephiroth alone, Aerith’s breaks off from the group and heads for the Forgotten City.  Aerith prays to Holy to save the planet, and unfortunately Sephiroth kills her during her prayer.  As we know though, Aerith’s prayer was heard in time, and the planet is eventually saved.

“Words… Feelings… So many of them here.” – Aerith