Cait Sith


Cait Sith is a remote controlled cat that sits atop a large moogle.  It is controlled by a Shinra employee named Reeve.  The team first runs into Cait Sith at the Gold Saucer, where he pretends to be a fortune teller in order to join the party.  He reads Aerith and Cloud’s future, and predicts it to be bleak.  He states he needs to see first hand how thier future turns out, and forces himself into the party.  After the party acquires the Keystone, which is the key to the Temple of the Ancients, Cait Sith reveals himself as a spy and steals it for Shinra.  Somehow, the party allows him to continue on their journey.  He states that he was forced to give the Keystone to Shinra, and that he doesn’t see eye to eye with Shinra on their goals, even though he is an employee of the company.  He sympathizes with Cloud and their mission, and has great admiration for the team.  He uses his knowledge of Shinra comings and goings later in the game to the party’s benefit.  He stays on to the end, and while he might not be important to the story line, he does add small story bits throughout.

“But I ain’t gonna forget none of these people! Their journey, none of it! ” – Cait Sith