Remake: Disc 1 Locations


Ahhh, the remake.  I won’t get into how I feel about it one way or the other right now, that’s for a future post.  What I do want to get into is what locations I am looking forward to the most in the remake from Disc 1 of the original game.  As we know, Disc 1 takes us from Midgar to the Forgotten City.  So, what am I excited about?  Again, this is locations only, just so you don’t think I am leaving stuff out.

  1. The city of Midgar itself.  From the Sector 7 slums to the Wall Market to the Shinra Building.  I really cannot wait to see how they recreate this.  In the original game the slums look so…slummy.  I am interested in how they paint that picture of despair with the updated visuals.  As for the Shinra Building, that was the climax of the early part of the game.  The technological juggernaut that ruled this dilapidated city.  I want to see how they re-create the building, and all the different floors.slums
  2. Kalm.  The most underrated town in the entire game, in my opinion.  It’s a shame that this town is nothing more than a pit stop on your journey.  After Disc 1, there is no reason to come back here unless you are defeating the weapons and trading the rewards for items from the Kalm Traveler.kalm
  3. You might expect me to say Junon here, but I hate Junon.  I am going to skip past Junon, the little cruise across the ocean and go right to the Corel mountains.  This is my favorite “outside dungeon” in the entire game.  I love the railway, and all the enemies that you fight along the way.  I don’t care about the actually town really though.  God, I cannot wait to see this in HD…corel.png
  4. Gold saucer, right?  Wrong.  I like the Gold Saucer and I think it will look amazing in HD, but I am just not looking forward to it.  I am going right to my favorite location in the game, Cosmo Canyon.  The buildings, the music, the ambiance….amazing.  This is probably the location in the game I am looking forward to seeing redone the most. cosom
  5. Nibelheim.  Maybe my second favorite town in the game.  It’s really a toss up between Kalm and Nibelheim.  I love the old school feel to the town.  The architecture is beautiful, and the Shinra mansion is iconic.  Don’t forget about the mountains and the reactor either, they are equally awesome.Nibelheim-Town-ffvii.png
  6. While there are some good choices after this, like Wutai, Rocket Town and the Temple of the Ancients, I am going with the Forgotten City.  We all know what happens here.  One of the most iconic scenes in video game history.  That is reason enough for this to make the list, but what about the city itself?  It is extremely unique, and I can’t wait to see those little huts in HD.forgotten-city

So what are you looking forward to? As usual, let me know in the comments, e-mail, or discussion boards.


Is Cloud Really an Emo Bitch?

No.  There, blog done.  Seriously though, Cloud gets a bad wrap for being some emo/angst filled guy.  For some unknown reason, the people who decided that Advent Children was a good idea also decided that Cloud would become some whiny bitch.  Cloud was never a whiny bitch in FFVII.  It is a popular opinion that people who have never played the game or hate the game have.

Was Cloud stand offish during the events of FFVII?  Sure.  Initially, he didn’t give a shit about the planet or what happened to it.  He made that clear from the jump.  Remember when he told Wedge that he gave absolutely no shits what their names where?  It’s because he honestly could not have cared less.  He wanted the money, that was it.  The only reason he went to go save Aerith from the Shinra Building was because he felt like he owed her  for saving him and saving Marlene.  If it wasn’t for that, Cloud would probably rather be in the bar at Kalm slingin’ them back.


If Jenova didn’t escape from the Shina Building with the help of Sephiroth (*wink*) then FFVII would have ended right after saving Aerith.  You did it, game over.  Congrats.  Now wait a year until FFVIII.  Sephiroth gave Cloud a purpose in life.  Cloud felt compelled to chase him down because of their past, or at least his interpretation of their past.  To me, for most of the game he seemed driven to settle his score.  Obviously, after the Temple of the Ancients he loses his mind just a bit.  The Jenova cells in him make him weak, not emo.

After Tifa helps Cloud find himself at Mideel, Cloud becomes much more of a fun character.  He is even more driven than he was before, and there is once scene that really shows you he changed.  When Yuffie is sick on the Highwind, Cloud tries to comfort her.  He makes a joke and does some of the squats he learned from the Beautiful Bro back in the Wall Market.  It’s a stupid scene, and easily miss-able but it shows that Cloud has a heart and cares about the most uninteresting character in the world, Yuffie.  Seriously, Yuffie blows.  Anyway,  this is one of the first things we see from Cloud after he comes back from Mideel.  Since Cloud was confused for almost the entire game, this could be our first glance at his real personality.  I tend to think the real Cloud is a silly, fun guy.  The issue is that, and this is a topic for another post, is that the game just runs out of steam at the end.  There really isn’t much that happens after you get Cloud back from Mideel.  You get some Huge Materia, do some side quests, optionally defeat the weapons and go through the final dungeon.  There really isn’t much characterization at the end.

That means that you are probably left with the impression that Cloud is kind of a uncaring loner, which I don’t think is the case.  They really play this up in Advent Children, which is unfortunate.  That’s where a lot of people point when trying to argue the point that Cloud is emo.  I don’t know why they made that movie.  I understand they were trying to make a buck and do something the fans would want, but they really flubbed it.

Anyway, I think Cloud is one of the strongest characters in the Final Fantasy universe.  I mean, how can people hate on Cloud when Squall is such a face-palming whiner?

Love Cloud?  Hate him?  Hate me?  Let me know in the comments, the forum, or an e-mail!

Sometime Less is More


If you have learned anything from reading my few blog posts, it’s that I love this game.  Love it.  That being said, sometimes less is more.  “Fran, how can less be more?!?!  Less sounds like LESS to me!”  Well, you’re wrong.  When it comes to this game, I am one of the fans who feel like when the original game ended, then that should have been it.  Since the release of the game in 1997 there have been a slew of subsequent movies, games, and short videos released referred to as the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. Continue reading

The Game Looks Like Shit…

Kidding.  The game looks fine.  Seriously, it does.  I see it all the time in forums, articles, etc.   “The game looks like balls.”  That’s an opinion I don’t agree with, at all.  Do the character models look blocky?  Yea, it’s ‘Popeye’ with the small little wrists and the gigantic square hands.  Guess what though?  THE GAME WAS RELEASED IN 1997!  I mean, honestly…why would someone trash a nealry-20 year old game over graphics. Let’s look at some games that came out after FFVII: Continue reading

Let’s Play Final Fantasy VII!


I am not really into the whole ‘Let’s Play’ thing, but I was bored at work, and wanted some FFVII-related background noise.  I found this LP posted by BlackLightAttack on YouTube.  Here is the link to Episode #1.

There are a few things I liked about it.  First off, the guy is a fan.  You can tell that right from the jump.  He might have played this game as much as I have.  Second, he actually talks about the game/story a lot.  He mentions in a later episode that his hardcore fans might be turned off by him talking so much.  If you’re passionate about something, then you should talk about it.  His passion definitely shows, and I like to hear what other people think of the game.  Lastly, he is from Philly.  Same hometown as me, so of course I have to post this!



It was good, and definitely got me through a week of work.  If you like what you hear, then you can follow him on Twitter and Twitch using the links above.

Aerith or Tifa?

If you are a casual fan of the game, or even a hardcore fan, it’s likely the game left you with the impression that the story of Cloud/Aerith is one of “unfinished business.”  Two young people just getting to know one another, before one is tragically killed.  FFVII has this way of making the player think that Cloud is supposed to fall in love with Aerith, and her death cuts short some sort of amazing love story.  I felt this way for years.  I mean, she is the first person you see in the game, so why not?  I took for granted that FFVII was a ‘save the world’ game with a strong love story in the background, and I always assumed Aerith was the subject of Cloud’s affection.  I don’t know why I felt that way, maybe because I was 15 when the game first came out, and I wasn’t into my late 20’s until I saw things differently.  I did end up seeing things differently over time, and it changed a lot of my playing experiences later in life.

Continue reading

My Story

img_4133So my goal of this page is simple: to get people taking about Final Fantasy VII.  I know there are other people out there like me that love this game still.  I am hoping you all have some sort of story to tell.  Here is mine:

It was the fall of 1997 and I had gone over a friend’s house to pick him up for a night of drinking.  I was 15 at the time, and we would drink in the woods behind his house.  Very classy, I’m aware.  He invited me inside because he wasn’t ready yet.  He was playing a video game, so I went into the living room to sit and wait.  I did not own a PlayStation at the time.  To be honest, I am not sure what system I had, probably a SNES .  Anyway, he was in disc two of the game, specifically the part of the game where the group wakes up in Junon after Cloud gives the black materia to Sephiroth.  I had never seen anything like this, so I asked what game he was playing.  “Final Fantasy VII”, he replied.  There was seven of this games?  I was stunned.  I watched as Barret ran up to the top of Junon, and the screen cut away when he was under the Highwind pointing his blocky gun-arm in the air. Continue reading