Nothing Going On….

I have not forgotten about you, or this site.  Just not much going on right now in the world of FFVII, and my life has become a bit hectic.  I am currently taking a terrible marketing course that I absolutely hate, and I just purchased my first home.  I plan on getting back into this, I swear!!





Seriously though, this is awesome.   The images were released at MAGIC by Tetsuya Nomura.  He said he was asked to show a video, but Square refused.  What a bunch of dicks.  Just show us some video god dammit.  Don’t try and wet our beaks with two images!  WE WANT MORE!

Small Update on the Remake from Gematsu

final_fantasy_vii_remake_2017_01_31_17_001There is a small interview with Final Fantasy VII Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase, in which he sheds some light on the progress of the game.  This interview appeared in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu, which was reported by Gematsu.

The article can be found here: Final Fantasy VII Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase talks progress and more in Weekly Famitsu

Nothing groundbreaking here, but worth looking at if you are a fan.  Enjoy!

I am not dead, I swear…..


Hello, everyone?  Anyone?  I have been away for a bit of time.  Holidays, school, meh.  Sometimes life gets in the way, so I want to say I am sorry for being gone for over a month.  In that time I was able to put about 60 hours into Final Fantasy XV.  I beat that yesterday, and boy was it a disappointment. I thought I would love the story, and hate the gameplay.  Unfortunately, it ended up being the complete opposite.  I really loved the gameplay, the hunts, the characters, the relationship between the main party, but the story bored the absolute hell out of me.  It didn’t pick up until about Chapter 8, and by that point it felt rushed.  A lot of character’s motives were left to your imagination.  Anyway, I don’t have that distraction anymore, so I can get back to this.  If you haven’t played FFXV yet, I would recommend it.  It still was a good way to spend those 60 hours.

I hope I still have some people who will stick with me, if not….go fuck yourselves.

Letter to my reader(s????)

img_4133So, I don’t know if anyone comes here often to read this or not, but I will write this with the idea that I at least have a few people who read this.  My original plan when I started this was to write 2-3 posts a week, with two being more likely.  However, with mounting schoolwork I am finding I am only able to post about once a week.  I hope to have something up later today, if not today then this week for sure.  I apologize for not being more active, but being a guy in his mid 30s with a job, school, etc. makes this a little more difficult than I had anticipated.  I hope you all stick with me!

Tetsuya Nomura Headed to MAGIC in 2017

The director of the FFVII Remake, Tetsuya Nomura, will be headed to “Monaco Anime Game International Conferences 2017” (MAGIC) on February 18th, 2017.  It sounds like we won’t hear any more news about the remake in 2016, so this event is probably our next chance to hear anything remake related.  It might be the next time we see game footage.  Who knows?  February can’t get here fast enough!


Attack of the Fanboy

MAGIC 2017

Nomura talks Final Fantasy VII Remake in Dengeki PlayStation

A translated interview with Tetsuya Nomura from Dengeki PlayStation magazine has shown up on the interwebs via Nova Crystallis.

He briefly mentions the Final Fantasy VII Remake.  He does go out of his way to mention that the 20th anniversary is coming up in 2017.  Could this be a hint as to when we can expect part one of the remake?!?  Hmmmm….

He also talks about the battle system.  Sounds like Square-Enix is trying to play both sides of the fence here.  They are saying it is going to be action based, but they want to make sure the hardcore fans know that they haven’t forgotten about the traditional battle system.

Look, the FFVII Remake could be a steaming pile of dog shit and I would still buy it.  You don’t need to convince me, Nomura.  Just get to work and release part one for the 20th anniversary please! Oh, and feel free to release some other cool 20th anniversary shit so I can blow my paycheck.