Cloud Strife

cloud_strifeCloud is the protagonist of Final Fantasy VII.  He is introduced as a 21 year old mercenary.  Cloud claims to be an ex-member of SOLIDER, which is an elite group of super-soldiers employed by Shinra.  He has a silly, quirky personality that can sometimes come off as cocky. He joins the rebel group AVALANCHE at the beginning of the game with the intention of making some money, and he doesn’t really care about their mission of saving the planet at first.  As the game progresses, Cloud finds out that his memories are false, and he was never actually a member of SOLDIER.  He was simply a grunt in the military, and could not actually make it in SOLDIER.  This realization almost crushes Cloud, but he accepts his troubled past and role as a leader of his group.  In the process, he actually starts to believe in the mission of AVALANCHE, and commits himself to saving the planet.

“I wasn’t pursuing Sephiroth; I was being summoned by him.” – Cloud