Cid Highwind


Cid is a 32 year old pilot, engineer and dreams of one day traveling into space.  He swears like a sailor, smokes like a chimney and is incredibly short-tempered.  Formally associated with Shinra’s space program, he now lives under the failed Shinra No. 26 rocket.  The rocket is a permanent reminder of Cid’s failed dream of space travel.  Cid joins the party after Cloud and the gang wanders into Rocket Town looking to borrow the Tiny Bronco.  Shinra is also in town looking to borrow the Tiny Bronco, which Cid refuses.  The team has to make a mad dash of an escape, and the Tiny Bronco is damaged in the process.  Stuck in the open ocean, Cid asks why the group is trying to save the world.  Having nothing else to do, he decides to join the crew.  He is often the voice of the player during the game.  Saying whatever is on his mind, and asking the obvious questions.  After being thrust into a leadership role later in the game, Cid truly starts to care about the planet and defeating Sephiroth.  He seems to finally find his purpose in life, and embraces it.

“Sit your ass down in that chair and drink your goddamn TEA! ” – Cid