Chrono Trigger Music

Writing about Chrono Trigger made me want to listen to some music from the game, and this is some of the best stuff I have ever heard.  It is old, but I figured I would share anyway!


Want to know more about this music?  Check out the remixer’s website by clicking the link below.

Chrono Symphonic 


Remakes: Part Two

Time to flip the coin on this discussion, what is the Square game that I hope they leave alone forever?  Unlike part one of this conversation, this is an easy choice for me: Chrono Trigger.


Chrono Trigger was released in 1995 for the SNES.  The game was re-released on the PlayStation in 2001, the DS in 2008, and on mobile in 2011.  It is widely considered to be one of the greatest games ever made, and is usually at the top of the list when it comes to RPG greatness.  This is easily one of my favorite games.  I know this blog is all about Final Fantasy VII and my love for it, but Chrono Trigger is a better game.  There I said it, let the hate mail flow. Continue reading

Remakes: The Future?

remakeRemakes have become a fad over the past 5-7 years it seems.  Whether it be TV shows, movies, or video games, the popularity is rising.  They are remaking (rebooting, whatever you want to call it) Spider-Man for the 2nd time in the last five years for Christ’s sake.  So I thought I would look at the Square catalog of games and ask myself a simple question, “What game do I hope they remake, and what game do I hope they leave alone?”  Personally, I think we will see more remakes over the next decade, due to the projected success of the FFVII Remake. Continue reading

FFXV: Worth The Wait?



Final Fantasy XV hit the shelves in North American in November of 2016, a whole six years since the last single player entry, Final Fantasy XIII, was released.  There was a time when you only had to wait a year, maybe year and a half, for the next entry in the series to be released.  At this rate, I assume we won’t see FFXVI until 2025.  I don’t want to do a review on the game, mainly because I am not a game reviewer.  However, I did want to give a quick few thoughts to answer the one burning question that a lot of people have: “Was it worth the wait?” Continue reading


maxresdefaultIf anyone else played FFXV and felt shafted by the story then YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

I came across the below YouTube video in another forum that I am a part of, and it does a really great job of summarizing my disappointment.  Enjoy!

I am not dead, I swear…..


Hello, everyone?  Anyone?  I have been away for a bit of time.  Holidays, school, meh.  Sometimes life gets in the way, so I want to say I am sorry for being gone for over a month.  In that time I was able to put about 60 hours into Final Fantasy XV.  I beat that yesterday, and boy was it a disappointment. I thought I would love the story, and hate the gameplay.  Unfortunately, it ended up being the complete opposite.  I really loved the gameplay, the hunts, the characters, the relationship between the main party, but the story bored the absolute hell out of me.  It didn’t pick up until about Chapter 8, and by that point it felt rushed.  A lot of character’s motives were left to your imagination.  Anyway, I don’t have that distraction anymore, so I can get back to this.  If you haven’t played FFXV yet, I would recommend it.  It still was a good way to spend those 60 hours.

I hope I still have some people who will stick with me, if not….go fuck yourselves.