Yuffie Kisaragi

yuffie-ffviiartYuffie is a 16 year old ninja and thief, who is a completely optional character in Final Fantasy VII.  You can find Yuffie in forested areas in the early portion of the game to recruit her into the party.  She forces herself into the group because she notices Cloud has a lot of materia.  She is a materia hunter, and is hoping that Cloud and the gang will be willing to part with their materia when their quest is over.  Eventually, Yuffie ends up stealing all of the group’s materia because she hopes to bring power to her hometown of Wutai.  According to Yuffie, her hometown has been turned into a joke by Shina after losing the war.  She believes if she had a lot of materia that she could bring honor back to Wutai.  She ends up returning all of the materia to Cloud, and staying on until the end of the quest to save the planet.

“Thinkin’ of running away? Stay and fight! FIGHT, I said! C’mon… What’s the matter? You’re pretty scared of me, huh?” – Yuffie